Anu Services Agreement

All contracts and consulting firms are executed on behalf of the ANU and only designated delegates have the legal authority to sign contracts or agreements on behalf of the university. Agreements on the commercialization of ANU`s intellectual property must be approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (research) or the Vice-Chancellor. For ANU staff who need information and assistance in developing new agreements or managing existing agreements, Please contact The International Strategy and Partnership Team (ISP) is the coordination centre for most of the University`s international agreements, including: Our work includes detailed evaluation, diligence and advice on partnership and agreement proposals, development and review of agreements, links with international partners and internal parties, and recommendations to delegated authorities on partnerships and proposals. The central repository, managed by PSI, is an online database that covers all international partnership agreements and related data, including college agreements and college agreements (excluding research and funding agreements). The Research Contracts Office supports the continuation of research contracts through the management of the review, project, negotiation and implementation of the agreement. We are working to ensure that the proposed agreements are in line with existing ANU legislation and guidelines and that the interests of the university and researchers are protected. IsP provides strategic advice on international partnerships and agreements, including implementation and compliance with university policies and procedures, as well as maintenance of the university`s central repository. Contracts requiring a multi-party agreement are regularly delayed due to the number of parties and the need for legal advice. The speed at which a contract can be executed depends on a number of factors, including the ability of the parties concerned to react.

Contracts can only be signed by delegates if all parties agree to a final contract. The ANU Enterprise Agreement covers issues such as the working environment, conditions, leave, directives and procedures. Non-management contracts 14.2. Temporary employment is limited to the employment of an officer engaged in an activity that is described by one or more of the following circumstances: 14.7. In exceptional cases where the university suffers a substantial loss or reduction in external resources, the university will discuss these circumstances with NTEU. Both parties will consult with the relevant agents and discuss the terms of termination of the contracts. The university may refuse to grant the application, but will not do so unreasonably. If a professional agent has been employed in accordance with point 14.2 (b) above, the appointment may be renewed only once for a period of no more than twelve months, unless the continuation of the identifiable external funding is subject to milestone revisions.

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