Business Remote Deposit Capture Agreement

6. MICR image and quality. The down payment sent by the customer to the bank must contain images of the front and back of objects scanned by the customer and away from the customer (“Images”). The images must be of such a quality that the following information can be clearly read by visual verification of the images: (h) Corporate Power. The client and the person signing this contract are entitled to fulfill and fulfill the Client`s obligations under this Agreement. This agreement is not contrary to the law or is contrary to other agreements to which the customer is subject. 14. Fees and Charges.So as long as the agreement remains in effect, the customer agrees to pay the bank the deposit fees set from time to time by the bank and, beyond that, the fees and fees set from time to time on the pricing plans provided to the customer, or other fees and fees that can be agreed in writing from time to time by the customer and the bank. 36. Construction. It is an agreement between parties that, on complex and complex issues similar to those provided in this agreement, are concluded by both parties on the basis of the economic and legal arrangements it contains and interpreted and interpreted in a fair and impartial manner, without taking into account factors such as the party that prepared the instrument or developed a provision of that agreement, the relative bargaining power of the parties or the place of residence of a party.

18. Bank obligations.The Bank`s missions and responsibilities are limited to the agreements described in this agreement, which relate to them, and to the deposit agreements between the client and the bank. The Bank will ensure the usual diligence in carrying out its duties under this agreement. 8. Provisional borrowings and availability of funds. Once the image is accepted, the bank grants the customer account a provisional credit for the total amount of the corrected image or image accepted. The interim credit means that the credit to the customer`s account is made in the final payment of the items and subject to the terms of the deposit contract. To determine the availability of funds and the period during which funds may be held by the bank in accordance with the Federal Reserve Board Regulation CC, is the depository 1 Harbor Street, Boston, MA, 02210. 17.

Update release. The customer will communicate in writing to the bank any changes to the information provided by the customer to the bank, including, but not limited to: additional sites, any change in activity, any new transaction, the identity of the contracting entities and/or owners, the form of the business organization, the type of goods and services provided and the type of transaction. This notification must be sent to the Bank within 30 days of the change. In addition, at the request of the bank, the customer must provide up-to-date information in the thirty (30) of this request. The bank reserves the right to (i) to check from time to time the activity of the article and the commercial activity of the Customer in order to confirm that the Customer is making transactions at the time of the execution of this Agreement and (ii) to reassess or terminate the services of the bank on the basis of changes in the facts previously stated by the Customer. 7. The reception of Image. Customer accepts that the customer is responsible for the customer`s responsibility and that the bank is not an image and/or article towards the customer that is not received by the bank, as well as for an image and item intercepted or altered by an unauthorized third party. The customer accepts that the bank is not required to accept an image and can therefore refuse any image of items presented by the customer.

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