Church Severance Agreement Template

For most churches, the need for such a benefit will be rare, but if you take the time to consider it at least, you will be prepared if ever the need to use a severance package arises. Disclaimer: This article and associated materials have been specially created for churches seeking general information about pastoral separation agreements. It is not intended to provide legal advice or to replace competent legal advice that can meet the specificities of each Church. Every reader is encouraged to seek a trained and experienced professional lawyer specializing in corporate, tax exemption and canon law to ask questions about or about these topics, and you can contact us at or or call us at 703.771.4671. Finally, we will share a few words about a healthy pastoral transition. First, regardless of the circumstances, the Church should take the opportunity to celebrate the pastor`s ministry and even thank them for their service and service in the separation agreement. Second, well-crafted separation agreements, with adequate waivers of claims, non-pejorative promises, and clauses prohibiting competition and debauchery, will help ensure the smooth transition for the Church, and expanded salaries and benefits will help the outgoing pastor if he moves on to another job that does not compete with the old Church. Third, severance pay should be paid over time, so that it helps the cash flow and the Church pastor make monthly expenses and both parties are more likely to stick to the agreement. Finally, and spiritually the most important is to include a Christian provision for dispute resolution, so that, if ever there are disputes, it is resolved through biblical mediation and/or arbitration outside of the media attention and judicial system and in accordance with biblical exhortations.

In any case, a Church undergoing pastoral separation should take into deep consideration the legal implications and manage the emotional and spiritual well-being of the former pastor and the remaining collaborators and communities throughout the process. . . .

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