Cloud Services Reseller Agreement

Resignation for injury. Any party may terminate this agreement on written notification if the other party substantially violates this agreement. Unless, by its nature, the beach can be healed within 30 days, the dismissing party must give the other party the opportunity to heal 30 days after prior written notification and the possibility of healing. this limited warranty does not cover problems caused by an accident, abuse or use of products in a manner inconsistent with this agreement or resulting from events beyond our proper control; They should receive appropriate guarantees and compensation from cloud service providers to cover any debts to customers. If there is a question about a supplier`s pocket depth or the possibility of very large debts, you may require that the service be covered by an insurance policy and/or a parent company guarantee. To the extent permitted by law, the terms of this agreement are confidential. Unless otherwise agreed, you cannot disclose these terms and conditions or the content of discussions that gave rise to third parties, those who are not to your affiliated companies or agents, or to designated or potential resellers who: a) must be aware of this information to assist in the implementation of this Agreement; and b) that all this information must be treated strictly confidentially. Alasdair: Have you discovered any instances where the dealer was held responsible for the customer under a transfer model, while the seller dropped the ball? Do you see that as a significant risk under this plan? I may want to hire a few resellers (software solution integration houses) and I want to make sure I get closer to the cost and expectation of fairness and normality. Thank you for your honest response. Is it possible to have a conversation with yourself through your legal advice? It is the only one of the four models that conceals the identity of the ultimate service provider. 6.

Marks. We grant you a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to display our logos and trademarks that we make available to you during the lifetime only for the marketing and promotion of subscriptions and software under this agreement and in accordance with marketing policies. You will not use our logos or brands in conjunction with search engine rankings, advertising word purchases or as part of a business name, business name or Internet domain name. You grant us a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use your logos and trademarks over the lifetime in marketing materials and public statements, including placement on our website, listing partners and resellers, and customer briefings. Force majeure. Neither party is responsible for the failure of performance for reasons that do not fall under the proper control of that part (such as fire, explosion, power outage, earthquakes, floods, storms, strikes, embargoes, labour disputes, acts of civil or military authority, war, terrorism (including cyberterrorism), acts of God, acts or omissions of internet transportation, acts or omissions of regulatory or governmental authorities (including the adoption of laws or regulations or other government acts). However, this section does not apply to your payment obligations under this contract. It is not uncommon to see hybrid models in which the dealer plays the main role of the contract, but where the seller has some direct rights against the end customer. However, this can be complicated depending on how rights and duties are sliced and diced. As a general rule, you cannot use a contract to impose obligations on a person who is not a party to this contract.

This is the lesson of “Privity.” However, there may be obligations in the producer-reseller contract that will only come into effect when a reseller customer is concluded.

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