Conditional Sale Agreement Tagalog

A sales contract is akin to a conditional sale in which the effectiveness or imperative force of the seller`s transfer of ownership obligation is contingent on the effect of the future and uncertain event, so that, if the suspensive condition does not occur, the parties would find themselves in default as if the conditional obligation had never existed. x x x. A DOWN payment of PHP is paid by VENDEES to THE VENDOR at the time of the implementation of this agreement and the balance is paid by reissued cheques and as follows: A sales contract is defined as a bilateral contract, the potential seller, expressly taking into account the ownership of the property in question, despite the delivery to the potential buyer, undertakes to sell the property exclusively to the potential buyer if he meets the agreed conditions, i.e. the full payment of the purchase price and/or the fulfilment of the other obligations set out in the sale contract. Due to the possibility of the potential buyer not being fully paid and/or complying with the obligations under the sales contract, the potential seller is not required to carry out the corresponding sales activity in order to ensure the transfer of the property to the buyer. As discussed in Sps. Serrano and Herrera v. Caguiat: Note, while selling the quality of the eventuality in a contract, the same should not be confused with a conditional sales contract. In a sales contract, compliance with the suspensive condition does not automatically transfer the property to the buyer, although the property may have been delivered to the buyer beforehand.

The potential seller has yet to transfer the property to the potential buyer by entering into an absolute sales contract. On the other hand, compliance with the suspensive condition in a conditional sales contract makes the sale absolute and the prior delivery of the property results in the seller`s property or property being automatically transferred to the buyer. I do not have any quotes. Die VENDORS/ TRANFERORS sind der Eigentümer einer Menge und Flurstück sparieren und ihre Verbesserungen, wie durch Transfer Zertifikat Titel Nr. belegt: , (Anhang “A” besonders beschrieben: IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Ich habe hiermeine Hand eingestellt diese _____________ in der Stadt/Gemeinde von _______________________________________________________________________ in der Stadt/Gemeinde von ______________ I,_______________ des gesetzlichen Alters, Filipino, (einzeln / verheiratet / Witwe), und ein Bewohner von ________________,nach der Vereidigung in Übereinstimmung mit dem Gesetz vereidigen und sagen: , des gesetzlichen Alters, verheiratet mit , Filipinos, mit Wohnsitz in , Philippinen, mit der Befugnis, Parzelle von Land ohne Verbesserungen hierin vertreten durch ihre _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2.Dass ich in der genannten Urkunde des bedingten Verkaufs die VENDEE eines bestimmten Grundstücks war, das durch das Übertragungszertifikat des Titels Nr. _____________ abgedeckt war, genauer beschrieben wie folgt: Republik der Philippinen) Provinz der __________________________________________________________________________________________________________S. Stadt/Gemeinde von ________________ x – – – – – – – – – – – – – – x 1.On ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________eine Bedingte Verkaufstat qui a été confirmée le même jour avant le notaire _____________________________________________________________ dans son registre notarié sous forme de doc. was recorded.

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