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Identify certain points along the way to make sure the target is still relevant and that the person is always on the right track. The main reason for executing a performance agreement is the maximization of success. Do everything you can to make success as accessible as possible. Objective agreements are a modern human resources management instrument in the form of variable defined benefit compensation, considered a current levy. [3] In principle, the agreed objectives, the individual goals of employees with business objectives, are taken into account, which increases the efficiency of the business. Goal agreements can be based on the performance of each employee or group (individual objective) and on the success of the company (company objectives). The employer can monitor the implementation of continuous feedback in the goal-agreement process by maintaining the level of performance of each worker and influencing through continuing education. It is therefore the evaluation of a staff member, who is also of paramount importance in the field of human resource development. Goal agreements allow the company to continue to work flexibly and create additional compensation for additional staff performance. However, the worker has the option of obtaining an additional payment, for example. B in the form of an annual premium.

[8] When people set goals and jump to action without commitment, the enthusiasm to work on goals quickly fades, leading to failures. An agreement between employers and workers, in which the periodic targets for each worker are agreed on compensation according to the degree to which the objective is achieved. [4] If you look at the theory of the objective, it goes without saying why you are not achieving your goals. The objective assumes the existence of commitments of objectives. In the absence of a commitment of objectives, the objective does not work. These are just some of the many benefits you can get through performance agreements: a target engagement contract is an obligation between you and someone who can be your father, mother, spouse, etc., who takes stock of your actions and responsibility. It can significantly improve our engagement. For the company, the definition of goal agreements saves time in the business process. Agreement on global and partial objectives avoids duplication and allows for coordination of processes and tasks. In addition, the coordination of day-to-day business processes can be shortened by clear rules and priorities of employee flexibility. I signed a contract of engagement for two of my goals. I will share my experience in due course.

Performance chords are one-way. If you simply decide what the person is going to do, you may be disappointed with the result. If the objectives are agreed upon, you are more likely to see progress. Take the time to develop goals together and be prepared to discuss the “why” in detail. It is a common process — both parties have to agree to make it work. Yes, you can. Before we go any further, let us understand how the goals are set? If you want to know how to set goals, read my article: Process of Goals The heart of a legal contract is the agreement between the parties. It is not a necessary ingredient; in communist nations, treaties have been routinely negotiated (or negotiated in the few remaining communist countries) between the parties to which the conditions have been imposed. But in the West, and especially in the United States, an agreement is essential.

It is not just a matter of convenience; It is at the heart of our philosophical and psychological convictions. The great contract law student Samuel Williston put it this way: “It was a consequence of the emphasis on the ego and the individual will that the formation of a contract must seem impossible, unless the will of the parties agreed. As a result, at the end of the 18th century, and at the beginning of the 19th century, we found the prevailing idea that there must be a “meeting of spirits” (a new expression) to form a treaty. Samuel W

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