John Oliver Paris Agreement

Oliver continued to delve into Trump`s speech for inaccuracies and insult the president`s argument that the deal would allow other countries to expand coal production when “we have to get rid of our own.” Although Trump said last Thursday that the deal would affect the country`s coal operations, the Paris agreement had no restrictions on coal. “It doesn`t even contain the word “coal” in the agreement,” Oliver said. Oliver also mentioned the intent of the agreement, as there were no requirements. Last week, the host mocked the president for his decision to withdraw from the Paris accord, then spoke of the president`s belief that the deal had hurt U.S. companies, 25 of which, including Microsoft and Intel, bought an ad in the New York Times to convince Trump to remain part of the deal. And then there are the jobs created through the world`s attention to climate. Before Trump decided to leave the Paris Agreement last Thursday, 25 companies – including Microsoft and Intel – ran an entire-page announcement in the New York Times calling on Trump to stick to the deal because it “creates jobs and economic growth.” “For protocol, the agreement doesn`t really prohibit the U.S. from building coal-fired power plants,” Oliver told viewers. “Last week with John Oliver.” HBO In the sequel to “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday, host John Oliver deepened President Donald Trump`s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. Earlier this week, President Trump decided to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord, which did not surprise Oliver, because the agreement as a whole was so “off-brand” for Trump that it might as well be called a “light jog.” According to Oliver, Trump`s decision and his refusal to fight climate change could have a dramatic global impact, because if the world warms by only two degrees Celsius, there will be more droughts, more dramatic heat waves and severe impacts on the world`s water supply. “We`re not talking about a fictional apocalypse like the 2012 film, but a real global catastrophe like the 2012 film,” Oliver explained. While Trump seemed to think the Paris agreement would be bad for the economy and banned coal consumption in the United States, according to Oliver, the document doesn`t even contain the word coal.

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