Law Society Building Agreement

2. It should be clear who is responsible for the location of the land and the location of the dwelling and the wastewater pit in accordance with the plans approved by the planning authority. A standard requirement for the purchase of a mortgage or house is an architect`s or engineer`s certificate that the house was built in accordance with the building permit. Some banks and real estate credit companies also have special requirements for a properly qualified architect or engineer to inspect the house during construction at certain crucial stages. For example, they require that the foundations be checked before the concrete is poured, etc. It should not be considered that all architects or engineers automatically issue these certificates. The form required for the construction credit union must be obtained and a copy must be given to the architect or engineer before the work begins to ensure that he or she is ready to assume this obligation. The practices are different in how the payment should be made for the contract. What is important is that the payment schedule agreed between the parties is clearly defined in the timetable of the agreement. Provisions for late and withholding penalties should be provided to cover defects that occur once completed.

6. It often occurs with respect to homes at the same time that the parties agree that the employer must agree that certain parts of the completion of the house, such as wiring or plumbing done by him or another contractor on his behalf. If such an agreement is reached, the conditions should be confirmed either in the agreement or in writing. In particular, it should provide that the contractor has the right to inform the employer in writing if failure to complete the work causes delays and indicate who is responsible for the losses resulting from such a delay. Contractors, especially those who build a large part of the building off-site, often make an offer without checking the land on the basis of an appropriate level and normal soil conditions. Both parties to a construction contract should be very careful that the position on the cost of this work is clearly explained in writing. The Panel heard that some practitioners have attempted to exclude the Law Society`s terms and conditions of sale based exclusively on a construction contract with certain specific conditions for the title. Practitioners are reminded that the title certificate format clearly states that “the purchase was made on the basis of the Law Society`s current terms of sale and/or construction contract.”

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