Power Purchase Agreement In Uk

PPA portfolio: an exclusive agreement offering competitive prices for portfolios of two or more generational sites. Our PPA portfolio includes your entire portfolio for a competitive and simple electric achanion solution. Energy prices are volatile. So you get a fixed price by entering into a contract to purchase custom offshore wind energy that will allow you to meet all your renewable energy needs. Statkraft is one of the UK`s leading suppliers of long-term electricity purchase contracts. Our 4 GW portfolio consists of wind and offshore, solar, hydro and biomass sources. In addition, we are an active player in the short-term market. If you rely on a broker or reseller to help you get the best deal, you`re unlikely to see the maximum benefits from your energy contracts. Because regulatory changes, which are difficult to understand and not budgeted, can threaten your long-term competitiveness – and your end result. We are proud of the positive contribution we are making to the UK`s energy mix. Our wind farms generate enough electricity to power more than 3.2 million people a year (enough to power Glasgow and Cardiff!). We have built more offshore wind farms than any other company in the world and have installed more than a quarter of the current market capacity. And we`re growing up.

PPAs also provide green registration information to your business. By participating in an electricity purchase agreement, you will insure your business in the future by improving your company`s environmental responsibility. From the customer`s point of view, this will only improve relationships. Not only with customers, but also with current and future employees and suppliers. Electricity purchase contracts have become one of the most popular methods to realize the benefits of solar energy for electricity consumers. An AAE allows your business to enjoy the benefits of clean energy through a photovoltaic investment, without financial expenses to get your capital. No matter how your company produces its own electricity, we can set up a corporate PPP with you. We buy your energy and we will sell it to National Grid before sharing the proceeds. Thus, you get the financial benefit without the administrative burden.

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