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I am satisfied with the service and I am looking for a 2-year contract. Prices on the Triple Play website with 150/150 are $79.99, but not available to existing customers. I understand this new Custmer situation, but I was expecting at least an attempt to keep a loyal customer, so I continue to pay the same to minum or the ability to change my service, none of this happened. You want to log into your account and choose the withholding agreement. This should stick to what you have, so keep the agreement and price. I still have two days left on my two-year contract. I can now basicy renew and retain all existing services because they are for about $10 less than what I am paying now. Because Verizon is experiencing similar problems at home, it is increasing the modularity of its product options and is also expanding into segments such as VR and cloud gaming. How Verizon is proceeding with this new approach to home activity will be an instructive lesson for the entire wireless industry – especially as mobile operators continue to follow the grouping outside the home as a strategy and pair mobile offerings with the media to attract and retain mobile subscribers. “We believe Verizon`s main goals are to keep sub-videos without admitting margin, while internet marketing is put on the best possible footing for all customers,” Bernstein`s Peter Supino wrote Thursday. “…

What is critical is that Mix and Match`s price architecture should not destabilize competition in Fios markets. Verizon/Fios continues to act as a for-profit participant in highly concentrated markets. This is the case with a Verizon FIOS recommendation code that is RICKE053VZ. This can be used to register online for Verizon FIOS services. We receive both debit cards from Verizon after you have maintained the service for 60 days with current payments. Below is the breakdown for Triple Play services: $100 Mastercard Double Play debit card: $75 Mastercard Fios Gigabit Connection debit card: $50 Mastercard Debit Card If you are currently under contract with another provider, you will receive up to $500 in invoice to cover the early termination fee. If you have an unlimited Verizon fare, you get a $10 discount on your FIOS and wireless bills for a total discount of $20. If you do not receive an email from FIOS 65 days after your installation date with current payments, you can contact me on this thread. Below is the link to register. Is it an advantage to wait for the contract to expire? Will Verizon be more likely to offer a steeper discount if I am a “free agent” and an “off-contract”? Thoughts or experiences here? Thank you! My contract expires and I intend to renew it. My current service is 50/50 Internet fios – Fios preferred hd tv.

The monthly total is $124. I called a representative to tell me to renew my current services, the price will increase to $154 per month, which is not what I expected. The agreement worth $129.99 is available at my address for new customers if you go to the page. But the choice of this agreement and the selection of the change service at my current address brings me back to the “My Verizon” dashboard, where my only options are much worse.

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