Sale Agreement Cost In Bangalore

So, if you send a check, do it post-date, so that the date of cashing the check reaches you. It`s not safe. If you can`t go to Bangalore, do an AMP for the benefit of someone close to you to allow them to sign the agreement on your behalf. You will never be able to get the agreement after the cheque has been handed over. Your certificate of sale should mention that GST of X would be payable 3) also mention the construction costs you have received The value indicated in the deed of sale must be on the government reference value and no less. If the amount of Rs.32 Lakhs is displayed and it is the reference value, then the balance of 23 lakhs paid by you for the total cost must be paid in cash (as a black component) to the contracting authority, which, in the modified circumstances, would be a significant and practically impossible risk. .

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