Sda Sil Collaboration Agreement

DSC recently reviewed the proposed agreements between the NSW government and potential SDA suppliers. Victoria also recently published a cooperation agreement that describes a very confused and confusing relationship between the SDA and DemAs (Supported Independent Living) (SIL). DHHS has developed an example of a cooperation agreement that suppliers should only consider as a guide. Suppliers are encouraged to be legal advisors in the development of their own cooperation agreement. The parallels between this colossal failure as a nation and the emerging approaches of the NDIS are quite troubling. In future regional housing forums, providers will have the opportunity to discuss the most important conditions they wish to include in their organization`s cooperation agreement. More information and registration below: In Disability Accommodation Specialist (SDA), we see disturbing examples of government decisions that will have an immediate and long-term impact of the program. NDS assumes that “housing services” under the Disability Act 2006 relate to SDA housing in which residents receive both SDA and SIL funding. The cooperation agreement outlines the main responsibilities and conditions, including maintenance, repairs, insurance, dispute resolution, rental entry, etc. between the SDA and SIL provider. Under previous agreements, the housing service provider also assumed the duties of “lessor” and a contract of this type may not have been necessary.

The NSW government is currently negotiating through the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) to lease all existing disability housing to outside organizations. They become SDA providers, are responsible for the maintenance of real estate and leases, but return the majority (90%). Income from real estate to the state. As a result, much of the group`s existing core stock will fall within the factual definition of the SDA rule. They will therefore be the first option for SDA receivers looking for housing. In recent months, ndS has met with DHHS and service providers about the development of cooperation agreements to be used in the housing services in which they operate. A cooperation agreement aims to reconcile the responsibilities of a housing service under the Disability Act 2006 with the separation of housing and assistance under the NDIS. I am referring, of course, to the Australian rail system.

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