Skype Business Associate Agreement

A BUSINESS Associates Agreement (BAA) is a contract between your organization and everyone else who processes their data. Essentially, these agreements outline how ePHI should be used, control measures taken and responsibilities between the two parties. Is Skype counting? This is also an ongoing topic. From a technical point of view, Skype could be considered an exception to the mandate of business partners, in accordance with the PPLE-Conduit rule. The conduit rule states that any channel through which information passes does not require explicit agreement on trading partners. Skype as a Microsoft product is subject to the BUSINESS Associate Agreement (BAA). Microsoft does, however, have several BAAs that do not all cover Skype. Plus, even with a BAA signed to the end user, it`s to make sure that Skype is properly configured for HIPAA-enabled use. Is Skype a HIPAA business partner? This is an issue that has been the subject of much discussion. Skype could be considered an exception under the rule of conduct – just a channel through which information circulates. If this is the case, a counterparty agreement would not be necessary.

Skype is one of the most popular software services on the web. It is a form of IAVT that is free (if used between devices that have access to the Internet) and is readily available. It offers users the ability to communicate easily and for free on their computers or similar devices, such as smartphones and iPads. Skype offers audio and video communications to people with the necessary computer equipment (video camera and microphone) who download the necessary software from the Skype website on their computer. The download is free, but it must be downloaded and installed on the computers of all people who wish to communicate with it. In addition, Skype™ offers a business version for a monthly fee that allows audiovisual conference calls. Covered health care providers seeking additional telehealth data protection when using video communication products should provide these services through HIPAA-compliant technology providers and enter into HIPAA business association agreements in the supply of their video communication products. The following list includes some vendors who indicate that they provide HIPAA compliant video communication products and enter hipaa BAA. Skype could be considered an exception under the conduit rule, as it is only a channel through which information is disclosed.

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