Solar Amc Agreement

Loofal Protech Solution offers AMC in solar, AMC in electrical maintenance, AMC solar water heater, AMC solar power plant, AMC solar panel cleaning, AMC for DG (diesel generator), AMC for elevator (passenger elevator). We offer AMC services in Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal, Chattisgarh, Delhi and Uttar-Pradesh. We are located in Jamshedpur and offer services to several cities ANC includes the service and maintenance of solar power plants The solar power plant requires regular checks to operate properly and without hindrance. When it comes to generating electricity, it is necessary to keep the panel and other equipment up to date. If you have invested in the solar power plant, which has more than 10 KW in a solar power plant, regular checks are necessary to maintain the efficiency of the panel and the operating condition of the device. We accept the annual maintenance contract for a megawatt scale (MW) solar installation. Our AMC service is regularly monitored by our experts. We prioritize customer issues closely whenever you need support and services that we perform within 2 hours. Once our services are activated, it is up to us to take care of your equipment. Never hesitate to apply for the CMA as AMC can reduce your unique maintenance costs. For technical:+919304532758 Commercial: +916202627265 We offer our customers the best AMC services. GAC services are provided at the request of the client.

Our AMC services may be charged at a reasonable price. Grounding is important for electrical and electronic equipment As part of the tasks, we will ensure that all devices are maintained at the highest level of operation. All planned maintenance work necessary for the maintenance of the equipment will be carried out and the tools and conflicts necessary for the services will be made available to the personnel we provide. GAC`s services include the maintenance and proper functioning of devices within the user service. You have experienced and competent technical staff trained to perform the necessary preventive maintenance of equipment in accordance with OEM benchmark/manual maintenance practices and provide suitable and efficient engineering services on site. Continuous efforts are being made to reduce equipment downtime….

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