Subcontractor Agreement Terms And Conditions

b. All funds paid to the Subcontractor shall be used by the Subcontractor exclusively for the purpose of payment for the work, materials, equipment and supplies used by the Subcontractor for the performance of this Contract, until all persons and entities who have the right to assert rights or rights of pledge against the Project or against the CSC have the rights of recourse against the Subcontractor or its warranty; because that work, materials, equipment or supplies have been paid for in full. The Subcontractor agrees that all funds it receives in accordance with the terms of this Agreement shall be internalized in trust for the payment of such persons and entities and shall not be diverted by the Subcontractor for any other purpose until such persons and entities have been paid in full. 2) THE EXTENT OF THE WORK. The work to be carried out under this Agreement is described in Annex A, which is annexed to the Agreement (the `Specifications` or `SOW`). All work is subject to and subject to the terms of this Agreement, regardless of the deviant, inconsistent or additional conditions set out in Appendix A. The subcontractor makes available, at its own expense, all the work of supervision, work, material, tooling, delivery, equipment and transport necessary for the execution of all authorized work on these sow(s). The subcontractor shall provide at its own expense all safety devices, equipment and special clothing necessary for their use by the subcontractor`s personnel. one….

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