Zachary Crockett is a writer based in San Francisco and Washington, DC.

His work, a blend of long-form narrative journalism and data visualizations, has been featured by The Atlantic, TIME, Gizmodo, Priceonomics, and Vox, where he is currently a staff writer. He is a recurring guest on APM’s nationally broadcast radio show, Marketplace.

He has co-authored two best-selling books — Everything is Bullshit, and Hipster Business Models — as well as a collection of travel narratives based on his year-long experience hitchhiking across South America.

Outside of writing, Zachary is a musician and avid adventurer. He solo-hiked California’s 223-mile John Muir Trail, trekked through the mountains of Patagonia, and narrowly survived a stay in the Amazon Rainforest. He also stays engaged through local community work: in February 2015, he organized an online campaign that raised more than $180,000 for displaced fire victims in San Francisco.