I’m a writer based in San Francisco.

My work — a mix of narrative-driven reporting, visuals, and data analysis — explores the extraordinary in the ordinary. I’m particularly interested in the process of invention, strange obsessions,  and the microeconomics of subcultures.

Currently, I run Sunday features for The Hustle, a business and technology newsletter I helped grow to 1m+ subscribers. Previously, I was a staff writer at and Priceonomics. My written work has appeared in The AtlanticTime, Longreads, and elsewhere; I’ve also dabbled in radio (Marketplace, NPR, Slate) and video (The Discovery Channel, Vox).

In the course of my reporting, I’ve optioned 5 stories for film, co-authored 2 books (here and here), hitchhiked across South America, and interviewed everyone from mall Santas to U.S. Senators.

Outside of writing, I make music, travel, run, and volunteer.

Want to say hi? Feel free to drop me a note at