I’m a writer based in San Francisco and Washington, DC.

My work—a mix of multimedia-driven original reporting and data analysis—has appeared in The Atlantic, Time Magazine, Longreads, Gizmodo, Priceonomics, Vox, and elsewhere. I’ve also done radio for Marketplace and NPR, video for The Discovery Channel, and design work for Google.

Much of my storytelling lies at the intersection of tech and business, but I’ve also extensively covered adventure and the outdoors, Internet culture, gun violence, and the 2016 presidential election. I’m interested in mysteries, obsessions, and underworlds.

In the course of my work, I’ve: optioned three stories for film and television; co-authored two best-selling books (here and here); been cited by the White House; hitchhiked across South America for a year (and contracted rabies); and interviewed everyone from U.S. senators to Neo-Nazis.

Outside of writing, I’m a musician, an adventurer, and a volunteer.

Want to say hi? Feel free to drop me a note at: