Zachary Crockett is a writer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

His work — which covers sub-cultures, strange communities, and  off-beat inventions — has been featured on Gizmodo, The Huffington Post, Fast Company, Grammarly, and Priceonomics, where he is currently an in-house writer.

Before joining Priceonomics, Zachary was one of ten employees at early stage start-up, Hyperink Press (YC ’11), where he managed a web-based team of 150 freelance writers and published books with Forbes, 7×7, and Alexis Ohanian. Prior to this, he was an editor at National Geographic Ed./Cengage Learning.

Recently, he spent nine months in South America and Mexico. Interested in cultural preservation, he hitchhiked through eight countries, interviewing traditional artisans and musicians and learning their crafts. His experiences were published in a series of travel narratives.

Outside of work, Zachary is an avid explorer and mountaineer, a multi-instrumentalist, and an instigator of uncomfortable situations. He is also a competitive runner and cyclist and can often be found deep in the Skyline hills.