Zachary Crockett is a writer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

His work — which covers sub-cultures, strange communities, and  off-beat inventions — has been featured by TIME, Marketplace (NPR), Gizmodo, The Huffington Post, Fast Company, and Priceonomics, where he is currently an in-house writer.

Before joining Priceonomics, Zachary was one of ten employees at early stage start-up, Hyperink Press (YC ’11), where he managed a web-based team of 150 freelance writers and published books with Forbes, 7×7, and Reddit founder, Alexis Ohanian. Prior to this, he was an editor at National Geographic Ed./Cengage Learning.

He loves to travel — often with a purpose. He spent nine months in South America, where he hitchhiked through eight countries, interviewing traditional artisans and musicians and learning their crafts. His experiences were published in a series of travel narratives. He’s also solo-hiked California’s 223-mile John Muir Trail, trekked the mountains of Patagonia, and slogged through the Amazon Rainforest.

Zachary is also an avid musician, multi-instrumentalist, and activist. In February 2015, he organized an online campaign that raised more than $120,000 for victims of a San Francisco Mission District fire.